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TCK - Tactical Camera Klip

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The Tactical Camera Klip is a convertible, universal, body worn camera and universal portable microphone holder that uses a two button base in order to secure the body worn camera or portable microphone tight to the uniform. 

The body worn camera is quickly becoming a staple in law enforcement. Almost as popular as the portable microphone. However, unlike the portable microphone, the body worn camera is practically mandatory.  Like the portable microphone, it is important that the body worn camera stay on your uniform.  For this reason, the Tactical Camera Klip was invented. 

The Tactical Camera Klip has a dual purpose.  The first, is to the keep the portable microphone type body worn camera on the uniform. This is done by utilizing the two button base and removable rotating loop system on the front of the Tactical Camera Klip. The clip, located on the back of the body worn camera is secured to the loop of the Tactical Camera Klip. The Tactical Camera Klip is tightly secured to the front of the uniform by way of two of the uniform buttons, securing the body worn camera in place. 

The totally unique feature of the Tactical Camera Klip is the fact that the loop can be removed.  This provides the first responder with a flat, tight, secure, two button foundation for the portable microphone to be attached tight to the users uniform.  Hence, the CONVERTIBLE feature of the Tactical Camera Klip.

Nearly any portable microphone that has a clip on the back of the mic can be attached tightly, to the Tactical Camera Klip Convertible. This will secure the portable microphone to the uniform utilizing two buttons for a flat, tight, secure fit.  The mic is tight and secure to the users body with little movement during the course of duty. Simply remove the loop from the base of the Tactical Camera Klip and secure the clip of the corded or Bluetooth portable microphone to the base of the Tactical Camera Klip for a tight, secure fit.

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