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Tactical Pocket Klipboard and FI Cards

The Field Interview Card allows the first responder to gather the pertinent information without having to think about it.The information necessary is organized for you in the order needed to transfer to your report.

The Tactical Mic Klip is the most professional, versatile, reliable and durable microphone retention device on the market.

For over a decade The TMK keeps the portable microphone (wired or bluethooth) from falling off the uniform with no alteration to the uniform or the portable microphone what-so-ever.

The Tactical Mic Klip is made of ABS plastic and WILL NOT BREAK. The TMK fits on any uniform shirt with NO alteration to the uniform or the portable microphone. 

The indestructible TMK keeps the mic tight to your body so that it is there when you need it.

The newest innovation from TacticalKlips. This ingenious design combines the familiar loop and clip system, similar to the TMK but it utilizes TWO uniform shirt buttons for added security and stability.

In addition to the secure mounting system, the loop can be articulated 90 degrees for a horizontal mount or turned 45 degrees to be removed, making the TCK, COVERTIBLE. This creates a two button mounting system to keep your mic tight to your uniform so that it does not fall off.

The Tactical Radio Klip. or TRK is the perfect universal portable radio holster. Wether the first responder is in plain clothes or full uniform, the TRK adjusts to fit any belt size.

Any portable radio with a standard sized belt clip easily fits into the TRK and the retention band fits over the top of the channel changer or volume control knob to keep the radio securely in place and is easily removed when the radio is needed No more flipping the radio upside down or fumbling with a D-ring.


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