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Testimonials & Reviews

"Good evening Brian,
I have been using the product you sent me again Sir you are doing the police community a huge service I absolutely love the klip for the duty belt! I had a call for two people stuck in a vehicle with water going due to a massive Arroyo run that we have quite frequently in New Mexico. I waded through about 4 ft of water got to the couple and hiked them back out through some mountain terrain no snags radio didn't fall or move! I have told my fellow shift partners about the product! Thank you again! Stay safe!"
- Johnny Chavez, New Mexico

"I was finally able to put my TEK radio holder into use. It makes it so much easier to have access to my radio. My old swivel holster kept turning and falling off my belt when I would sit down or run to an assistance call in the jail I work at. The first day I used it, I responded to an inmate fight, and the radio stayed put on the run there, and through the use of force that followed with us and the inmate. I plan to buy another one for my transport belt when I have to take inmates to court and other runs out of the building."
- Owen Trott, Corrections Officer

"Im a security officer and i got one of these! I use it on my Polo Shirt and it works great!!"
Jose Sepulveda, Security Officer

"I found you guys at the IACP conference in San Diego and am so glad I did. I bought your combo pack... I can now say, without doubt, it's the most useful piece of equipment I have bought recently. The TMK holds the mic securely and at a comfortable listening angle while still being able to remove it from the epaulet area very quickly. Being a motorman, it was also important to me to take some of the weight off the shirt and not encumber my range of motion while riding. THANK YOU"
Eric Williams - Motorman/Officer

“ Ive been using the TPK for about a week now and it definitely makes field notes on subject contacts much easier to deal with having that stable backing to write on and an ID card slot. Great Product. Thanks!”
Rob - Phoenix Police Officer

I found your item on the web. I thought I'd give it a try since I work for the Airlines as a lead. I'm trying to keep my radio mic from undoing from my shirt. It was big problem and I have used your item for a few days now and love the product. My mic does not fall off, even when it gets caught on bags and is always on my shirt. I Love it. Thanks for making such a good product. I will definitely tell my co-workers
Stan Martines - United Airlines

I am very happy with my TMK it is an amazing improvement from just clipping my mic onto my shirt.
BP - Porte City, IA

Just wanted to let you know the first day I used this, I got into a physical fight with a suspect. The klip stayed in place with no problems. I used to just clip the mic between my buttons. This would not have worked and Im glad I purchased your product. THANK YOU
Corporal Tony Brisinte
Orange County Sheriff’s Office
Emergency Management

I am an officer in Louisiana and work in a district where I routinely have physical encounters with subjects. I just want to congratulate you on making the finest remote mic holder I have used to date.
Kerry H.
Louisiana Police Officer

Just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the quality of the new tmk. I was working the other night and had a foot pursuit, when my radio somehow became tangled on a tree. After everything settled down I looked at my shirt and found the tmk was still there, with half a bungee mic still hanging off it! Very impressed, thanks.
Police officer in South Australia

I tried it for the first time last night. I could not believe that my radio mic did not fall off. The mic was secure and so easy to remove from the TMK. I had to show troops and they were impress as was I. I have just one thing to say, Fantastic.
Officer Michael B., Thomaston Police Dept.

....the newer version is SUPER!!!! It has survived a ton of abuse and still works great. Thanks again.
Officer Brian O'Keefe
New Berlin Police Department
New Berlin, WI

I wanted to express my gratitude for the exceptional customer service and my TMK and I highly recommend your product to all my brothers and sisters in arms. Again I want to thank you for your dedication to law enforcement officers everywhere and I am proud to be one who owns a product of such innovation and ease of use.
Frederick County Sheriff's Office

"You guys rock and you better believe I am going to pass the word around that your company actually cares about Officers and your product!!! That is very rare these days and it is nice to see how TMK cares!"
Jason Potter
Police Officer
Huntsville Police Department

I am also very happy with the product and it seems there is nothing else out there like it.
Brett - Australia

"The TMK is the most amazing microphone holder I have ever used!! I have had foot chases, wrestled with suspects and even snagged it on my desk reaching for a pen I dropped and it has never broken or come unattached. The design is flawless, incredibly sturdy and a great price!! I have recommended it to every officer I encounter since I first began using it in 2010. I have also seen it used by US Customs and Boarder Patrol Agents on Boarder Wars. You have engineered a remarkable and extremely valuable piece of equipment that ALL law enforcement officers need to utilize." Sincerely,
LT Ryan M. Risher
Magnolia Police Department
Magnolia, Ohio

"Thank you for standing behind your product. I am using the mic keeper now and it serves its purpose well. Because of your excellent customer service, I will continue to use your product and hold your company in high regards." Thank you,
Gordy Stevens

"Let me finish up by congratulating you on your new and improved version of the TMK." ...."your new TMK has certainly exceeded my expectations. It gives my uniform a more professional appearance, but more importantly, I now have no worries about my microphone being dislodged from the epaulette during the course of my day. Thank you again for an excellent product and superb customer service. I highly recommend the TMK to other uniformed officers."
Captain Matt Tenney
Richmond International Airport Police

"Love the TMK. Great product, great price......Just use it already people....Got into a foot pursuit while wearing the TMK and as expected, it worked like a charm. Did everything I thought it would do...IT KEPT MY MIC WHERE IT SHOULD BE, ATTACHED TO ME."
E. Bashta
Riverside, CA

" I didn't even THINK about my mic until after about the third ground fight when I saw everyone else trying to get their mics back onto their uniforms and realized that mine had not budged. It was almost unthinkable before to go a single engagement and keep my mic, and in one day I went through 6 within a half hour. It gives me peace of mind knowing now I have one less thing to worry about when I am rolling around with someone."
Florida Officer

Thank you for standing behind your product. I am using the mic keeper now and it serves its purpose well. I am happy to hear the durability has been improved. Because of your excellent customer service, I will continue to use your product and hold your company in high regards. Gordy Stevens
Dickinson, ND

I have been extremely pleased the fit, form, and function of the TMK. It has proved to be a reliable piece of police equipment. I wear the keeper attached to the front of my uniform and it has securely held the mic right where it needs to be in every test I've put it through. I rest easy knowing my mic will be right where I need it, when I need it. It's a great product and continue to recommend it to my co-workers! Thanks!
Chad A. Weaver
Robinson Police Department
Robinson, IL

This past week was the first full week I got to use the new TMK and I mean FULL week. We just had a hurricane here in Eastern NC and I worked 7 days straight. Part of that was a straight 73 hours and the TMK held true through it all. I wore it on my front button of my shirt mostly but when it got real bad I actually put a button on my rain gear to keep it attached and available the entire time. I have used the TMK for about 3 years on patrol, while in investigations and during SRT training and call outs. It is a great and indispensable product I will continue to use and recommend to all of my peers in the law enforcement field. Keep up the good work.
David Welch

The revised model seems far superior to the original in many ways, mainly the fact that it is now made of a material that can flex instead of just breaking, now they just need to make something to hold my radio to my belt that keeps it close to the body without using up valuable space. Officer Rogers, Va.
Tom Rogers

I can't thank you enough for such a great product. I have received several inquiries from co-workers, as to where they can pick up their own TMK. I have referred several officers to your site so they may order! This continues to be a functional, yet simple product that holds great value! You have done a great service and I look forward to the next great idea to help the public service professional in us all! Thank you again Brian!
Chris Obst
The City of Westminster MD Police Department

One word...WOW! I can't believe the difference in the new and improved TMK. I have had it for one week and since day one I have seen improvements in the wear on the polymer used. The "flex" that has been added with the new product gives it the ability to stand up to the day to day operations of an officer. The new model has been in 2 physical encounters with suspects and has been crushed between my body and the suspect and yet it still stayed in place and in tact. It helped me call out when I was wrestling with the suspect because I knew my mic was exactly where it always is.
Officer Ryan Snow
University Police Department
Eastern Illinois University

Still using and loving mine. I have several friends out looking for the made in the USA versions. Thanks for the newer version and for listening to your customers.
Rob Smith

I got one of these a day before I got in a foot chase with a suspect and had to fight with him for about 5 minutes.... It kept my mic right where I needed it... If I hadn't been wearing there would be no telling where it would have been.
From Officer via Policelink

Hello, I recently ordered a TMK along with a Quiqlite from their website. I used it last week and realized right away that it would be a piece of gear I would use for a long time. After seeing it, a fellow officer ordered one that night. Thanks for a great product.
J. Horneck
Manitowok, WI

After years of wrestling with the mike, picking it up after getting out of the patrol car,various ways to latch the cord and mike to my shirt I have found your product and love it. I can place the mike in various locations on my shirt and not worry if it will fall off or pay to have a strap sewn on. The price is great, the product light, and best of all it works.
Gary H
Orlando FL

The new TMK is working great. My partner and I got into a foot pursuit Sat. Night with an agg. Assault suspect and we didn't have any issues even after jumping 5 fences. All the other officers on my shift had to grab their mic while running.
P. Nguyen
San Antonio, TX

I've been using the new TMK for the past several weeks with nothing but great results. I've been showing it off to my obvious jealous co-workers who currently possess older versions of the TMK. The new construction is great, the points of compromise appear to be more flexible and giving to avoid fracture. Of course the new look is slick, everyone loves the all blacked out appearance.
Deputy Marc Fellner
Wake Co. Sheriff's Office

I was chasing after a guy the other day and my radio came out of it's holster. I ran another 10 yards dragging my radio by the cord, and the mic remained attached to my TMK of course. Awesome stuff.
Joseph Rood
San Diego, CA

Great Product!! Great Company!! Incredible customer service w/ an incredibly high level of professionalism!! The obvious dedication in making the TMK better (if that is all possible as another post read) cannot be described in just words. Thank you for making a product that my co-workers and I can depend on and that continues to keep us safe.
M. Fellner via Facebook

Love my new one seems to work even better than the old tmk if thats possible.
S. Stewart via Facebook

I wear it in the front and keeps my mic in place. I'll let you know how it goes over the next few weeks. Also...Since I've started using this, over a year ago, I have NEVER had my microphone come off during a foot pursuit. Thanks for the hard work you put into this.
B. Kirby via Facebook

I believe the TMK is one of the best tools for law enforcement, it keeps my microphone secure during foot pursuits and I never have mt I have been using your product for about 2 years now and I love it. I introduced it to my squad at Baton Rouge PD and they all have it now.
Officer Kerry Hidalgo
Baton Rouge PD

I totally enjoy the product. I no longer have worry about my speaker mic flying off when I run or move with a prisoner.
Officer Chris Obst
Madison Police Dept.
Madison MS

Your product is very useful in our duties on and off the water.
RFC Mark Carson
DNR Law Enforcement
Brunswick, GA
* Mark thought the TMK was so useful, he ordered TMK's for his entire staff.

Just wanted to let you know I got the TMK the other day & say thank you! I've been spreading the word about the TMK to all the policeman I work with & come across. I know 2 of them have bought the TMK & love it. Its a great product & finally someone got it right! Thanks again & stay safe brother!
Lt. Ryan M. Risher
Magnolia Police Department
Magnolia Ohio

Hello, I recently ordered a TMK along with a Quiqlite from their website. I used it last week and realized right away that it would be a piece of gear I would use for a long time. After seeing it, a fellow officer ordered one that night. Thanks for a great product!
Jeff Horneck
Patrol Deputy/Firearms & DAAT Instructor
Manitowoc County Sheriff's Dept.

I highly recommend the TMK. It has been a life saving tool when it comes to keeping the line communication at hand during emergency situations. Foot chases, speaking to the public, jumping in and out of the cruiser. The TMK is a dependable partner in law enforcement. It’s not just there when the action hits, but also compliments the uniform during special events. I don’t know why I did not come across the TMK in all my time in law enforcement. Thank you for an excellent addition to my public safety equipment.
Officer Paul Bartlett
Venom Security & Protection Services

I got one of these a day before I got in a foot chase with a suspect and had to fight with him for about 5 minutes.... It kept my mic right where I needed it... If I hadn't been wearing there would be no telling where it would have been. "
Officer Chris Walker
Police Officer, Durham PD, Durham NC

I love your product... no more turning my head to talk on the radio. I would not go on duty a day without it. I am a local Police Officer on street patrol and have been asked many times by other officers what that thing under my mic is. Many of whom now use your product. As long as I am in law enforcement, I will have a TMK on my uniform.
Officer David J. Welch, NBPD
New Bern, NC

The Tactical Mic Keeper holds my mic where I need it, and makes it very difficult for someone else to remove it. That gives me peace of mind when I am on the street doing my job.
Cpl. A. Scott
Palisade Police Department

" Thank you for developing a product that works so well. We were looking for an alternative mic. holder and everyone that has tried it so far has loved it. By far in my opinion the best radio mic holder available".
Officer Ed Tucker
Frankenmuth Police Department
Frankenmuth, MI

"Prior to learning about TMK, my remote mic was always falling off. Now I am confident that my remote mic is attached properly and will be there when I need it."

ACPD has been very pleased with the functionality and reliability of TMK. Our entire department uses remote microphones and because of the TMK, more officers are wearing their mics where we recommend, on their shoulder straps. Sincerely.
Officer Eric Beason

When I would run even jog to a casualty my mic would fall or slip off my shirt. That changed when I received my TMK. My mic now stays in place and doesn’t fall or slip anymore. This is an excellent product that I highly recommend to anyone.
Corporal Sam S.
First Aid officer (Australia)

For years I have been wrestling with my portable microphone. Wether it be picking it up after getting out of the patrol car or attempting various ways to attach it to my uniform. Then, I found your product and I love it! I can place the mic in various locations on my shirt and not have to worry about the mic falling off. Nor do I have to worry about paying for a strap to be sewn onto my uniform. The price is great, the product light and best of all, it works!
Officer Gary H.
Winter Park PD, Orlando FL

"I have been using the TMK since we first ordered from you and I LOVE it."
Scott Baumann
Baumshoe Law Enforcement Supply
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